UMK WiFi is one of the ICT services provided to UMK staff and students for easy access to the internet. WiFi coverage areas are budgeted to exceed 90% involving inhabited areas such as official buildings and student residence colleges.

Key Features :-



To connect information technology services between UMK campuses, the Computer & Information Center has installed the Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) facility. Through this service, information technology connections between UMK campuses become easier and safer as long as they are in the same campus network.


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) means a specific rate at which the subscribed internet bandwidth can be used at all times without interference by other users. The advantage of this service is one less interruption of reach and also increases security. It also allows down-load and up-load traffic to run simultaneously at high speed levels without compromising the efficiency of the internet network.



MYREN is a network that connects the entire Universiti Awam, Polytechnic which connects academics, researchers and scientists across the country through high speed routes. 

The network operates neutrally using two IP technologies namely IPv4 & IPV6. The main Operations Center is located in Cyberjaya which connects all MYREN experts from UA and Polytechnic across Malaysia. This network allows information sharing, communication and collaboration activities. MYREN is a single infrastructure that connects UA and several Private Universities, Polytechnics, Kolej Komuniti, Research Centers and several Hospitals. 

MYREN also connects its network with Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) and TEIN3.



The Computer & Informatics Center provides video conference (VC) tele-enabled facilities to help scholars, researchers and administrative staff communicate and collaborate audio/visually in real time. Through this facility communication and collaboration in two (2) or more locations can be carried out bi-directionally through audio and visual transmission. This facility can be used for the purpose of management, teaching, research and official activities of the University. Through the use of this technology, savings such as movement costs and time can be increased.




The Center for Computing and Informatics, CCI provides and manages telephone infrastructure facilities, ensuring that they are secure, reliable and robust for UMK staff and academic users. This includes extension numbers, upgrading number categories, and number transfers. The purpose of this facility is to facilitate faster and clearer communication for UMK staff and academics.